Host employer WHS induction of TAPS apprentice


Induct our Apprentice about working with your business

Introduction to co-workers, facilities, amenities
Responsibilities / tasks and expectations

Induct our Apprentice regarding Company WHS System

WHS Policy
Other Policies (Drug and Alcohol, Smoking, Housekeeping)
Safe Work Method Statement/s (Explain its content)

Induct our Apprentice about Personal Protective Equipment

PPE (What, When, Safe wearing, Replacement)

Induct our Apprentice about:

Completing Risk Assessments (performed daily)
Reporting hazards and faulty equipment

Induct our Apprentice on Equipment and First Aid

Location and use of first-aid facilities
Location and use of fire-fighting equipment
Emergency procedures and drills

Induct our Apprentice about Communication and Discussing WHS Issues

Toolbox Meetings and when they will occur
Note : a copy of this completed form will be emailed to this address.