Not only will you get paid to learn new skills, once your Apprenticeship is complete you have the potential to be earning as much if not more than professionals in other Industries. The long term earning potential for Apprentices is an exciting part of the journey in becoming a qualified Plumber, Roof Plumber or Gas Fitter.

How does the pay system work?

TAPS employs you and pays you as per the award and in line with the Host Employer’s normal pay period.

TAPS also looks after all the other employment conditions such as:

  • Tax
  • Superannuation
  • WorkCover
  • Annual leave and leave loading
  • Sick / Carers leave
  • Public holiday payments
  • PAYG
  • Safety clothing and accessories
  • TAFE attendance

What are the incentives and subsidies for Apprentices?

There are a range of incentives and subsidies for Apprentices. TAPS ensures you get everything that is available to you and will assist you along the way.

Incentives and Subsidies

Majority of your TAFE fees are paid for through subsidies and incentives from the Government and CITB.

TAPS SA Plumbing Apprentices

Thought about becoming an apprentice?

Discover more about a TAPS apprentice can assist to make your career happen.