Need an Apprentice?

Are you looking to hire a Plumbing Apprentice? Whether it’s for 1 week or 4 years TAPS can assist you with a hassle free, flexible arrangement.We have over 300 Quality Endorsed Apprentices working in the field right now with over 100 Host Employers. We undertake the paperwork, arrange the training as well as the ongoing support for the apprentice. Its that easy.

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Want an Apprenticeship?

Plumbing, Roof Plumbing and Gas Fitting are secure careers that pay good money. TAPS will support you through your apprenticeship.If you like working outdoors and learning new skills then we would like to talk to you about becoming a TAPS Quality Endorsed Apprentice.We are leaders in providing Quality Apprentices to the Plumbing, Roofing and Gas Fitting Industries.

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“The way I think of TAPS is that they’re a security blanket, if anything happens they will always be there for you.If something happens to my host and he can’t take me on anymore I can always go back to TAPS and they will immediately find me work again and my field consultant is really supportive, he’s more of a mate.”

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Industry Involvement 

COLORBOND – BlueScope Steel

TAPS train, employ and provide endorsed apprentices to host employers; we are an organisation that helps people get a good start, and ensures there are plenty of people trained to install COLORBOND® steel. Below is a link to s short video where TAPS CEO Michael is speaking with BlueScope’s Peter Van Loggem (Business Development Manager NT/SA) who has been involved with TAPS for many years. #COLORBONDstories

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Ri – Industries

Ri-Industries is South Australia’s leading manufacturer of pre-cast concrete products including septic tanks, Ri-Treat waste water treatment systems, concrete rainwater tanks and trade waste arrestors.