Pay & Paperwork

One of the advantages of using TAPS is the simple procedures and systems. Less paperwork and greater efficiency.

Employment Details

Each Apprentice is employed under a Training Contract to TAPS for the full term of the apprenticeship.

TAPS pay the Apprentice wages and invoice the Host Employer for all associated costs. At the end of each pay week, the Host Employer will receive a completed time sheet from their Apprentice to approve. The timesheet is simply forwarded to the office of TAPS for processing and payment.

Oncosts are only charged for the amount of hours the Apprentice has spent on the job.

Host Employers should enter in their own records the wages and oncosts of the Apprentice as contract labour or other expenses, keeping them separate from their own employees wages and oncosts.

Weekly Time Sheet

At the end of each week the apprentice will give the Host Employer their time book having completed their section.

The weekly timesheet is to be completed with hours worked, any allowances and signed by both parties. The timehseet is then immediately faxed or emailed to TAPS. The Host Employer is to keep the remaining copy for their own records.


TAPS Apprentices will be paid in accordance with the Host Employers normal pay period and be subject to the Plumbing & Fire Sprinklers Award 2010.

Sick Leave

All Apprentices are to be paid sick leave as per their entitlement under the relevant awards. The Host Employer must not pay the apprentice for sick days but must record the sick day(s) on the Apprentice’s time sheet. TAPS will pay all sick leave entitlements upon receipt of an original medical certificate. It is important to note that there is no on-cost charge for the sick leave as the Apprentice is not on the job.

Annual Leave

All Apprentices are to be paid annual leave as per their entitlements under the relevant award. It is usually taken during Christmas/New Year season. Alternative arrangements can be made by negotiation between TAPS, the Host Employers and the Apprentice. A Leave form is required to be filled out and lodged with TAPS a month prior to leave being taken. Annual Leave and Leave Loading will be paid by TAPS directly to the Apprentice prior to the commencement of leave.

Public Holidays

TAPS will pay all Public Holiday entitlements.

Training Attendance

Apprentices are required to attend off-the-job training either by one or two week blocks at an approved RTO (Registered Training Organisation). The Host Employer will be advised by TAPS of their Apprentices training dates prior to their attendance.

PAYG Payment Summary

TAPS will issue a PAYG summary for the apprentice.

Performance Appraisal

A TAPS Field Consultant will visit the Host and Apprentice at least once every eight weeks to discuss the Apprentices’ performance and progress.

Summary of what the Host should do

  • Fill out and sign the weekly time sheet.
  • Fax, post or email the weekly time sheet at the end of each week.


  • Weekly pay
  • Annual leave
  • Public holidays
  • Sick leave
  • Rostered days off
  • TAFE attendance
  • PAYG
  • Payroll tax

The Host Employer will receive a monthly statement from TAPS that will cover tax and on-costs. Any problems should be communicated with TAPS immediately.