TAPS prides itself on exceeding Industry Standards. We believe that educating Apprentices will give them the additional skills, confidence and access to a more dynamic apprenticeship. The additional skills gives Hosts more confidence knowing that they have employed an Apprentice with extra qualifications, skills and experience.

TAPS also offers additional training to meet your needs, such as;

  • Driver Safety

    We provide all Apprentices with an “On Road Driver Development Course” course, which teaches Apprentices the necessary road skills to develop their driving skills and reduce the risk of workplace injury.

  • Small Plant and Equipment (Short Course)

    We also offer Apprentices a two-day Small Plant and Equipment Handling course allowing apprentices to further their knowledge and contribute safely to their nominated workplace.

    Manual Handling is a component of this course which has been designed specifically for TAPS and is delivered by a qualified physiotherapist.

  • Additional Safety Equipment Provided

    Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) will be provided at the initial induction and extra equipment will be available onsite from the TAPS Field Consultants as required.

  • Comprehensive Induction

    We provide an in depth Induction to all new Apprentices covering all Work Health and Safety requirements. All costs are covered by TAPS.

    All Hosts and Apprentices are issued with a Work Health and Safety manual outlining the expected workplace policies and procedures. TAPS have a dedicated WHS Manager managing safety policies, procedures and injury management.

TAPS SA Plumbing Apprentices

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