The role of a Group Training Organisation, such as TAPS is to employ, monitor and supply Apprentices to potential Host Employers. TAPS monitors and supports you throughout your Apprenticeship and even offers help to get work when you finish.
  • What kind of work will I do?

    Depending on the industry and nature of your Apprenticeship you will be involved in a range of hands on tasks. You can specify the type of work you are interested in when you begin your apprenticeship.

  • Where can an Australian Apprenticeship take me?

    When you undertake an apprenticeship you are beginning a secure career path. This can lead you to be employed in a business, as part of local or state government or allow you to start and manage your own business. Apprenticeships are a great way to begin a career and to develop your skills. You can extend your studies to advance certificate level and diploma qualifications giving you the flexibility to move into other industries or into a management role in a business.

TAPS SA Plumbing Apprentice

How do TAPS support apprentices?

TAPS are always there for you throughout your Apprenticeship, but some key things to remember:

  • You are employed by an organisation with the aim to train you to become a competent, well-rounded quality tradesperson
  • A TAPS Field Consultant is dedicated to you personally for support
  • All new apprentices will undertake a one day Driver Safety Program
  • You will complete our two day Small Plant and Equipment Training
  • TAPS will supply PPE and Safety bag at your induction and when required, for the full term of your apprenticeship
  • TAPS will complete regular monitoring through site visits
  • TAPS will coordinate trade school with you and your employer
  • There are regular Safety Committee meetings between TAPS and industry¬†representatives

Thought about becoming an apprentice?

Discover more about a TAPS apprentice can assist to make your career happen.