Aaron Moncrieff

You finished your apprenticeship with TAPS in January 2012 what have you been doing since then?

Since finishing my apprenticeship in 2012 I have completed my certificate 4 in plumbing to become a master plumber. Not long after finishing my apprenticeship I started up my own business and began sub contracting. I then decided to take a 7 month vacation with my now wife to travel to America. We started in LA and worked our way through Mexico, Central America and South America. It was one of the best decisions I think I made before really settling down and getting stuck into my plumbingcareer/company.

Since coming back from the vacation, I have now bought a house and have started to expand the company. I now have one apprentice working for me and hopefully looking at the potential of hiring more staff in the future.

Any advice you would give to young apprentices coming through?

My advice for apprentices coming through would be:

  • don’t be on time be early

  • it’s important to learn from your mistakes

  • the radio station doesn’t change from Triple J

When we interview you in again in 2027 what is a big change we will have seen in the plumbing industry?

  • apprentices will do all the digging with no complaints

  • cleaner work site toilets.

In 2027 what do you hope to be different in your current “where are they now”?

I’ll be living overseas and will have to get one of my employees to respond to the email.